Architectural and Interior Design Photographer

Since 1986 Randall Perry has specialized in producing high quality award winning architectural and interior design photography. From offices in Southwest Florida, New York and Cape Cod Massachusetts, we work with architects, interior designers, custom homebuilders, construction professionals as well as those in the resort and hospitality industry.

Throughout the history of photography, buildings have been highly valued photographic subjects, mirroring society’s appreciation for architecture and its cultural significance. By the 1860s, architectural photography started to become an established visual medium.

Much as building designs changed and broke with traditional forms, architectural photography also evolved. During the early-to-mid-20th century, architectural photography became more creative as photographers used diagonal lines and bold shadows in their compositions, and experimented with other techniques. By the early 1950s, architects were hiring more photographers for commissioned work, resulting in architectural photography being viewed as more of an art form.