Who owns the copyright for the images?

Randall Perry Photography retains the copyright to all images we photograph.

How and where am I entitled to use the photos?

When you pay your invoice you are purchasing the rights to use the photos in specific ways. These usage rights include use in a brochure, on a web site, in a portfolio, for wall display, in print advertising, or in a newsletter or another in house printed promotional piece. You may also use the photos for an editorial piece or for an editorial or award submission.

What is “photo credit” and how should I use it?

When you use any of the images for publication, in advertising, editorial, a brochure, etc., our contract requires you to provide photo credit. Photo credit is simply a line inconspicuously run along the side of an image stating “© Randall Perry Photography”

Who is entitled to use the photographs once they have been taken?

The client who commissioned the photography is entitled to the uses outlined above. Any other party who wishes to use the images for any purpose will be required to pay a usage fee, assessed by and payable to Randall Perry Photography based on the third party’s requested specific use.

I’d like to of the photo session with another company, is that acceptable under the terms of my contract?
We understand that many clients like to share the expense of photography and we are more than willing to work with multiple clients on a shoot. There will be an added fee equal to 25% of the total creative fee for that shoot for each additional client. This additional fee covers the cost for the usage rights granted to each additional party.

What will I get to keep after the photo shoot?

Randall Perry Photography will retain and store the original photography on your behalf. You will receive a DVD containing both high resolution TIFF files and low resolution JPEG files for each final image.

How do I get prints or other materials made?

We are happy to order materials for your use directly from a custom photo lab where we have a long-standing relationship. By ordering your prints directly through our studio, we can monitor and ensure the highest quality reproduction of your project and our work. Feel free to give our studio a call for more about your specific printing and finishing needs.

What is your billing structure?

Fees and expenses on our invoices are broken into two areas:

• Creative Fee (to be estimated once shot list is finalized)
• Production crew

• Digital Expenses-Processing of the digital RAW files. DVD’s to burn the images to. Any additional photoshop work needed.
• Location and Travel Expenses

What is your payment schedule?

One-third of our estimate is due at the time of contract signing to reserve the day for your shoot. The remaining balance is due upon receipt of the final invoice. Only when the invoice is paid, does the client have the rights to their specific uses.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule a shoot that I have booked?

A scheduled shoot that is cancelled within 48 hours of a scheduled shoot will be billed at 25% of the rate in which was quoted as it may be impossible to book additional work with such short notice. If we are able to fill in the day with additional work, the cancellation fee will be waived. We understand with the design industry that many pieces of the room can be back ordered, arrived damaged, or just all together wrong. We will work with you on rescheduling when everything is in place and 100% ready to shoot.

What happens when my project is weather dependent?

What’s that expression? “weather happens” We realize that weather has a mind of its own and none of us has much control over it. If we advise you that most likely the weather will be inclement and you won’t be happy with the results before we leave our studio, you’re covered and there is no fee. If you decide to cancel or postpone a shoot due to poor weather once we have arrived on location, either before shooting begins or after we are already underway, you will still be responsible for 100% of the fee, plus any expenses incurred. There are many shots that can be taken and look great, even on a marginal day. Every situation is unique, however, you may be surprised to learn that many shots look as good or better without bright sunlight. While these are only a guideline, we are very lenient and do realize that “weather happens” and we will work together on the resolve.

Do I have to be present at the shoot?

You do not have to be present at the shoot, however, we do recommend that you or a representative be at the job-site to approve final photo angles, etc. If you or a representative are not present, we will do our best to interpret your goals for the photo shoot and use our best judgment in assessing the shots. We frequently scout projects in advance of the final shoot using 35 mm digital images to specifically nail down angles in advance. This additional service is available for $75/hour.

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